Sara Manori is a socialite. She has lived for centuries and is consider a Master vampire. She is physically strong and can be cold and calculating if necessary. She knows what she wants and usually gets it. When she bit Sophia she bonded with her. The bond brought them together and they became traveling companions.

At first, Sara is very protective of Sophia. She teaches her the truth about vampires and ways to protect herself. As Sophia matures, they become close friends. Once Sophia becomes a vampire, their bond becomes so strong that each can tell when the other is in danger.

Being a vampire, Sara of course has a light complexion with shoulder length blond hair. She has strikingly strong yet feminine features. She always dresses in the latest styles and loves to shop and socialize. She enjoys the finer things in life mainly because she is used to that type of lifestyle over the many centuries she has lived. She is not the type to show off. On the contrary, she always comes across as someone with style and class.

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Sara Manori - Vampire

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