The term "White Swan" is used to describe someone who opposes the vampire community and the vampire lifestyle. In truth, she is someone who has the ability to help vampires become human again. It is forbidden to even speak about her within the vampire community. If anyone within the vampire community ever found her, they would kill her so she stays in hiding. However she has many ways of finding those vampires who truely wish to become human again.

Clarice is about 40 years old and even though she is attractive, she is beginning to show her age. She has sandy blonde hair that is about shoulder length. She dresses modestly but at times indulges herself. 

Clarice has an aura about her that makes you feel calm and want to trust her. She has many acquaintances but cannot afford to make close friends so she is a loner. She is patience and strong willed. Helping vampires is not just a job she decided to take on, she was actually chosen to be the White Swan. She takes her job very seriously and tries to help as many vampires as possible.

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The White Swan
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