Lord Marcus Manori - Clan Leader and an elder that sits on the vampire council. He prefers to be called Father by the members of his clan/family to give the appearance and feel of a normal human family. He truly cares about each member of his clan but can be a bit strict at times. Even though most of his clan can take care of themselves, he truly enjoys the times when one of them comes to him for advice. This is one of the reasons he becomes so close to Sophia so quickly. When she comes to him for advise it gives him a chance to be a father to her.

As a member of the vampire council, Marcus cannot discuss any of his business with his clan and spends most of his time in his library. He is one of the oldest living vampires alive today and is physically one of the strongest. He is 6’1” with strong facial features. He is physically in good shape, has a touch of grey in his hair, and has a commanding presence. However, when he smiles he can make a person feel comfortable and protected as he does when he is with Sophia.

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Lord Marcus Manori - Vampire

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