If you’re looking for a silly, superstitious story, all about sex, billowy curtains in bedchambers, and (God forbid) sparkly teenagers, then this book is not for you.

However, if you want a fresh and more practical look at how vampires would exist today, as seen through the eyes of a young woman who becomes a vampire, then I invite you to check out my book, Faith of a Vampire.

Faith of a Vampire is a story about a woman who must learn to have faith in herself, faith in others, and faith that she still has a soul, now that she is a vampire.  That faith gives her the strength to not only survive, but rise above, and challenge the way of life vampires have known for centuries.

 *     *     *

Sophia Dobre is a young, farm girl living with her family in Weston, Massachusetts. Sara Manori is a member of a powerful and influential vampire clan.

In a strange twist of fate, the two meet, become friends, and their lives are filled with adventure and mystery. But unfortunately, a vampire having a human as a companion has consequences, and Sophia unintentionally becomes a vampire.

During her transformation, Sophia learns that she has a unique bloodline, which gives her special abilities as a vampire. Fortunately, these abilities help to uncover a malicious plot that a rival vampire clan is out to destroy her clan over a position of power on the vampire council.

Thrust into the middle of a clan war, the battle unlocks ancient memories from Sophia’s bloodline. As she struggles to retain her humanity, Sophia sees her personality changing for the worst. Hating what she is becoming, Sophia looks for help.

Eventually she learns of a little know process that can turn vampires back into humans. The possibility of becoming human again forces Sophia into a forbidden world where assassins will do anything to stop her from meeting a woman known only as the ‘White Swan’.

By the telling of her story, Sophia reveals the truth about vampires—about their history and more importantly, about the promise of redemption that is available to all vampires if they only have enough faith and courage to seek it out.

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